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Issue 13 (4) 2014

Issue 13 (4) 2014 - Cover
Reviewers - 2014
Issue 13 (4) 2014 - Contents


Issue 13 (4) 2014 pp. 7-17
Paulina Anioła-Mikołajczak, Zbigniew Gołaś
The Socioeconomic Conditions of Saving Behaviours in Polish Households
Issue 13 (4) 2014 pp. 19-30
Joanna Chudzian
Impact of Advertising on Behaviour of Consumers of Low and High Level of Consumption of Dairy Products
Issue 13 (4) 2014 pp. 31-42
Agnieszka Cyburt
The Activity of Local Governments in the Absorption of EU Funds as a Factor in the Development of Rural Communes
Issue 13 (4) 2014 pp. 43-54
Dorota Czerwińska-Kayzer, Joanna Florek, Joanna Stanisławska
Assessment of the Financial Situation of Food Industry in Poland in 2005 and 2010
Issue 13 (4) 2014 pp. 55-65
Lidia Danik
Perception of Cooperation and Trust in International Cooperation : a Study on Polish Exporters and Importers Cooperation with Partners from China and Germany
Issue 13 (4) 2014 pp. 67-78
Aneta Jarosz-Angowska, Marek Angowski
The Importance of the Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise Sector of the Voivodeships of Eastern Poland
Issue 13 (4) 2014 pp. 79-90
Maria Kierepka, Katarzyna Szmidt, Andrzej Samborski
Regional Differences in Obtaining EU Funds Supporting Competitiveness of Agri-Food Sector in Poland in the Years 2002-2013
Issue 13 (4) 2014 pp. 91-101
Dorota Komorowska
Development of Organic Production and Organic Food Market in Europe
Issue 13 (4) 2014 pp. 103-113
Małgorzata Stefania Lewandowska
Innovation Barriers and International Competitiveness of Enterprises from Polish Food Processing Industry : Research Results
Issue 13 (4) 2014 pp. 115-124
Władysława Łuczka
Network Interconnections as a Driver of Innovativeness in Meat Industry Companies
Issue 13 (4) 2014 pp. 125-134
Anna Milewska, Małgorzata Jóźwik
Organization and Changes of Local Govertnment Finance System in View of Implementation of Participatory Budgeting
Issue 13 (4) 2014 pp. 135-146
Agnieszka Parlińska, Grażyna Rembielak
Comparison of Approaches to Reduce and Prevent from Children Obesity Within the Context of UK and Poland
Issue 13 (4) 2014 pp. 147-155
Halina Powęska
The Share of Cross-Border Shopping in Poland's Trade Turnover of Food Products with the Neighbouring Countries on the EU's External Border
Issue 13 (4) 2014 pp. 157-167
Alicja Stolarska
Demand of Polish Households for Fruit as an Opportunity for the Development of Domestic Fruit Production
Issue 13 (4) 2014 pp. 169-179
Joanna Szwacka-Mokrzycka, Rasim Abutalibov
Creating the Image of the University

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